Sunday, May 2, 2010


Congratulations on taking the first step towards  securing your financial future. As you know by now, you will “never” become wealthy working a 9-5 job. MCL Consultants is here to show you a way to gain wealth quickly and easily without any damage to your personal credit.

In America, there are thousands of ways to build wealth. One strategy is to become a Credit Partner for businesses and real estate investors. Now more than ever, Credit Partners are in high demand. A corporation not only needs a strong business credit profile but also a strong credit worthy CFO, you. Here is the best part, your credit will never be at risk because all financing received will be in the corporation's name. It is one the best kept secrets of wealth building today!

How much can a strong Credit Partner make? Since all of the transactions that MCL Consultants negotiates are very profitable you could receive $10k -25k or more per transaction depending upon your FICO score.

Here are some of the benefits of our programs:

1) No risk to your personal credit since the financing will be in the corporation's name.

2) There are NO Upfront fees ever. We don’t get paid until you get paid.

3) Minimum of $ 10k thousand  dollars  per transaction.

4)  Multiple transactions available.

5) Funding can be received in as little as 72 hours. Buts some funding may take up to 45 days depending on   the amount of funding requested by the corporation or investor.

6) All of our transactions are legal and ethical and can be reviewed by your attorney.

7) Many unique opportunities to work at the same time with more than one corporation
and real estate investor.

8) Your credit will be "dusted" after each assignment.

9) Must join a credit monitoring service to keep track of your FICO score.

10) MCL Consultants will keep you posted via our website when new Credit Partner opportunies become
Here are the requirements to become a Credit Partner (CFO) for a corporation:
* Must have a 700+Fico

* Must have a revolving accounting(credit card) with less than 30% debt on that account.

*Need to have either a mortgage or a car loan on your credit report. If you have both, that is better.

* No derogatory accounts: BK,  late payments ,tax  liens, foreclosures, REPOS: etc,

*Less than 5 inquiries ( If you have more than 5, we can help you remove them.

* No public records; even if they are paid off.

Due to the high call volume that we receive, please be patient as all calls are returned within 24 hours. Note: We cannot reserve any deals for a client while they decide on whether to accept it or not. First Come, First Serve.

Good Luck and enjoy your new found prosperity !